1. Load and open image in Lightroom.
  2. Go to the Develop
  3. Do any basic adjustments needed eg. Highlights, shadows etc.
  4. Go to the HSL panel (Hue, Saturation and Luminance) and click on the “Saturation”.
  5. Adjust sliders to -100 this changes the image from colour to B&W.
  6. Choose the Adjustment brush tool, located in the right of the tool bar on the right of the screen.
  7. Double click on Effect this makes sure everything in this panel is reset back to “0”.
  8. Go down to the Brush settings adjust the “Flow” to 100 the “Density” to 100 and check the “Auto Mask box”. Adjust “Feather” accordingly.
  9. You can adjust the brush size either in this panel or by pressing the bracket keys on the keyboard ie { smaller brush, } larger brush size.
  10. Make sure the “show selection overlay mask” box is checked this is located directly under the image you are working with.
  11. You can now start painting in the desired area of the image. If you accidently paint over an area you don’t wish to just press the alt key (windows) and this turns the brush into a minus and then just repaint over this area which will erase the error. Take time and make sure you have covered the selected areas you are wanting to paint and remove the mask from any areas you don’t wish your selected colour to be in.
  12. After you have completed the above process you then need to turn off the “show selection overlay mask”.
  13. Go back to the “develop panel” on the right of the screen and located above the “brush” section is the colour picker click on this and choose a colour you wish to make the area that you have painted. Then click on the area in the image you have just painted this will change this area to your desired colour.
  14. In the panel directly above the colour picker is the various adjustments you can make to the chosen area you have just added colour to. Make the necessary adjustments to obtain the desired intensity of colour etc.
  15. Once you are happy with this press “Done”.


Key Board short cuts

To move image up and down while in the adjustment brush, press the space bar this will turn the brush into the hand tool then drag the mouse to move the image up and down.

To zoom in press “Z” then to zoom out press “Z” again