September 2016


Welcome to September edition of camera clubs.  I had originally set aside these articles for an October edition.  However as it turns out, we had everything assembled by mid September.  The Banner this month is by Judy Sara who I must admit does some spectacular macro work.  Have a look at the Para Wirra excursion.

The AGM was held this month and we have elected

  • a new committee (the same as the old committee minus Ashley Hoff, with the addition of Bruce Nankiverll and Helen Fletcher),
  • a sub committee (as proposed by Sam Savage, membership tba) and
  • an old president, Chris Schultz,
  • old treasurer, Ray Goulter
  • and always young secretary, Julie Goulter.

The high membership yet low participation rate in competitions was discussed.  It was felt that a subcommittee would be formed to look at ways to remedy this.  Chris in his report recognized the achievements of various members of the club.  In particular Ashley Hoff was recognized for his hard work over the previous year.  Sadly Ashley leaves the committee but remains an active member. And so we kick off for another 12 months.

What have we got in this months Camera clips?  I have two “how to do” articles.  Alberto describes a fashion shoot using Holi powder.  You know those coloured powders used in the Hindu Holi festival.  I have described a steel wool burn.  Does it burn?  Read the article and find out.

We have had two excursions.  There was a walk in Para Wirra national park with Kath Matthews.  This was a joint exercise with Para Districts photo club.  Secondly Bruce was responsible for a small but energetic group who photographed the city to Bay fun run.

brown-and-white-lemur-1-of-1I have two travel logs.  Di Gage had a fantastic adventure in Madagascar and East Africa.  She has given us a glimpse of her fabulous wildlife photographs, in particular the fascinating world of lemurs.   Eric Budworth has described several decades of development in Singapore.  The city today is almost totally unrecognizable from its former self.

Lucky last I have a light pollution map of South Australia.  This is useful if you are doing night or star photography.

I hope you enjoy these contributions by our club members.  I have been promised one or two further articles, and will add them when they become available, so keep an eye on the stop press for any new work.

James Allan


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