Evolution Gin – Product Photograph – Frances Allan

Evolution Banner

Dogwood 2018: Category Technical: Technical Aptitude is just as important as creative inspiration in photography. This year’s technical category is primarily focused on in camera processes, however, there will be some post processing techniques included.

Week 21  – Product:  Imagine your image in a catalog or a magazine. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Evolution GinFrances: Like many people I really struggled with producing an image. This week really challenged my ability to produce an image. I ended up merging several images in photoshop.  I am just looking at it and wonder if the ice is too bright.

The choice of label and name of the gin – Evolution –  is also symbolic of my evolving photography skills!

I ended up watching several you tube clips before I could even attempt this challenge. Moving on now… here is the setup.

Product shoot Setup

Sylvia: “Frances, You have captured an excellent image. Reflection, love the ribbon in the background (don`t know how you did it, and the splash. Great photo.”

Thanks Sylvia. it is a composite of three photos. the ribbon is actually light painting using an app on my phone that creates different colour lighting that you can use.

Sprite Brush

The splash was done separately. I had to look at several you tubes to work it out.  I was amazed with the finish product.


Kelly: “Good splash! Love your process explanation too.”


Thanks Kelly. I had fun doing it. It has also made using the flash slightly less scary!