Peter Lik

Arch2O-Peter-Lake-01During the Red competition last week, Steve Wallace was awarded 9 points for a beautiful photograph of a painted canyon taken during his trip of America.

PeterLik 1

This photograph reminded me of another notable Australian photographer, Peter Lik, who has made a reputation as a landscape photographer based in Las Vegas.  Peter has a wonderful flowing style, with highly saturated pictures, often with limited palates and beautiful detail.  His photograph “one”, the depiction of autumn trees reflected and blurred in a body of water has sold for 1 million dollars US.  (look it up)

Peter-Lik-News-one-million-dollars_1060x1060He has starred in an American documentary series about braving the elements to take beautiful landscape photographs in wild places.  The series of photographs that I have depicted are from his “Hidden Canyon” series.  The hidden canyons, also known as slot canyons, are found in Arizona.  Peter has timed his photographs to catch the midday sun percolating down over the  red or yellow walls to depict a visage of colour and form.  Peter cut his teeth as a photographer on family holidays from his home town of Melbourne.

In the 1990’s he set up a post card stand in Cairns.  He now has a studio in Noosa Heads as well as in  Las Vegas.  Another photographer well worth emulating.