Mad March – Camera Clips – 2019



It’s mad march.  The Adelaide Festival, the Festival fringe, Womadelaide and the Clipisal have all ravaged our town.  We have had a bit of our own Mad March in the camera club.  The SAPF arranged for Ken Duncan to speak at the Jam Factory and our club has arranged Stavros Pippos to speak.  This is actually the second time.  I wonder how many remember Stavros speaking to us 7 years ago?  For those who might be interested I have re-published the review article from Stavros  speaking to us in August 2012.   I have also an article about Ken Duncan’s recent talk in the Jam factory.

The banners this month come from the first competition featuring , Judy Sara – Human Bee Hive and Helen Whitford Preening Tern, both excellent images that caught my eye.  There is a full write up of this competition on the club web page.  The topic of the competition was architecture.  I have provided a short photo essay on the architectural photography of Bernd and Hiller Becher.  I hope that this is an interesting post script to this competition.


Lime Kiln by Bernd and Hiller Becher

Helen Whitford has provided two articles this week, following her presentation to the club on preparing images for competition.  Ray Goulter has written about photographing outside the visible spectrum.  It might be useful to cross reference this with the article by Jack Dascombe a few years back about infrared photography.  Lastly Frances asked me to write down directions for using the off camera flash.  I have written this up as a camera clips article for anyone who might be interested.

I hope and trust this is an interesting collection of articles for you.