BPC Excursion to Port Noarlunga

Lightning Banner 1bPeter 38926935235_57c803fe30_kIt was a hot day and an overcast sky as we arrived at Port Noarlunga.  At the base of the jetty was Ray Goulter, Peter Miller, Jen and Mark Williams, Judy and Greg Sara and Helen Whitford.  Jen informed me, “there are others out there” .  It seemed that people were dispersing as I spoke, heading off to their chosen locations to catch the sunset.  It was hard to see that it would promise much.  I was hoping that the sun might reveal itself at the last moment below the cloud layer and light up the clouds from below.  Helen, Frances and I drove a short distance down to the cliffs over the Onkaparinga mouth.  Here we found Kerry Malec and David Atkinson with their tripods halfway down the cliff.  Helen had chosen a few rocks at the base of the cliff for us to climb down to.  After we finished we met Di Gage and Les Ludgate in the car park for icecreams and iced water.  Thanks Les.Frances Helen and KerryNote you can see Kerry Malec and her tripod at the top of the cliff.Blackwood Photographers-1Now for those who were not fortunate enough to read the various face book posts – let me transcribe them for you.

Jen – Pt Noarlunga Outing. Great to see so many members last night. I hope you all managed to capture the lightning. What started out as a very ordinary sky certainly changed as the sunset.

Eric – I only saw Theo, Di & Les, OH ! I forgot Helen as she was walking across the carpark.

Jen – There were about 10 to 12 there, that’s including partners.

Now the sun did break out below the cloud layer.  The sky exhibited some interesting metorological features.  Les Ludgate taught me a new word, Virga.  This is a vertical column of rain that evaporates before it reaches the ground.  Most commonly seen over the ocean.  This particular night there were 3 or 4 separate virga columns lit by the setting sun.  It created a hypnotic display.  As the sun set the columns turned golden.  Then right on dusk we witnessed a brilliant electrical storm moving in from the bight and travelling south east, crossing the coast around Aldinga.  Here are the sunset photos.

These are some of the beach life in Noarlunga as we met at the base of the jetty.

Frances – James and I were down at the mouth of the Onkaparinga River when the thunderstorm started to roll in.

Helen –  Well done Frances! Brilliant shot!

Frances – I said to James when we got home that I wished is stayed on the jetty with you. Can’t wait to see yours.

Helen – The best was where we were,  but I don’t have anything better than this of yours.  Not giving too much away. This is one I got after everyone else had gone!

Eric – I managed to get a few

I realize I don’t need to tell anyone how to take lightning photos.  Given the right opportunity most people have been able to work it out for themselves.  Regardless I have posted tips for lightning photography here.  I guess tripods are a prerequisite.  Judy Sara did have the advantage of the new Sony camera system that has in built technology for lightning and building low light photos from multiple short exposures.  If you like a particular approach – feel free to contact the author and ask them how they did it.

Well there you have it. Another unexpected outcome from a club excursion.  Thanks to Di and Jen for organizing this one.