December 2020 Camera Clips

It seems that I have been consistently late in producing Camera Clips this year. The banner this week comes from one of my favourite images for the year, “Ice Sculpture” by Jenny Peddler. You can read about Mark and Jenny’s venture in Antarctica in the last edition. I usually work up 3 or 4 banners for each edition. Here are the other banners that I had considered for this month.

Heather Connerley – Washed Colour
Steve Wallace – Red Hot Pockers
Suzie Smith_Reynisfjaara
Jenny Pedlar – Manly in the Rain
Di Gage – Early Morning Milang
David – Hancock_Broken Wave

I don’t know about you but I am impressed by the offerings this year. It was hard to pick an outright best for the banner. I love the subtle colours of the ice formation and it won out in the end.

So the main article for December Camera clips has and is traditionally Top Images for the year. This is a celebration of the top image from the annual competition. You can check it out here. You will notice that many of the images do not yet have details added by their author. I will add them as they come to hand. So don’t be afraid to come back and check it out later in January for a more complete run down.

I also have a contribution from Ray Goulter and Mark Pedlar about Vintage cameras;


Top Images 2020

Olympus Trip35 and Metz Mecablitz 38CT3 Flash Unit – Ray Goulter

In the Loft Yesterday – Mark Pedlar