January 2015 – Locations

Semaphore JettyWelcome to Camera Clips for January 2015.  A new year begins.  This year is kicking off with an invitation to show images from your archives.  Make sure you don’t miss it.  The rest of the year is outlined in the 2015 program that can be found on the club web page.

The Banner this month comes from an image by a new member to the club, John Williamson.  The intense colour saturation and delicate forms of the jetty caught my eye.  You can see the original image of the Semaphore jetty on his Flikr page.  John participated in this years 31 Day Photo Challenge.  He posted many excellent landscapes, so take time to browse through his images.

I have put together a show case of some of the best images from this years 31 day challenge.  I think this has become one of the more successful club activities for encouraging new members.  See the  article and the images.   Chris Schultz has also posted an excellent review of the 31 day challenge on the club web page.  So make sure that you have a look at that as well.

The main theme for this months Camera Clips is Photographic locations around Adelaide.  Where do you go to take photos?  I have reviewed my own images and invited a large number of club members to contribute.  It seems to me that there are two kinds of locations.  I have divided them into the iconic images – the “postcard shots” and the lesser known locations – the “best kept secrets”.  I have only recieved a few replies to date but will add more as they become available.  I also invite readers to feel free to write to me and add locations to the list.

Well here’s a brief summary of what we have to date.  Chris Schultz is inspired by going to work in the Adelaide City Cenrtre.  I have done some research into Urbex, or urban exploration.  I have included the Mortlock Library as a suggestion.  Jen Williams has sent me some photos from Jupiter Creek.  Heather Connolly has submitted a piece on Urbrae House.  Lastly I have a piece on the Shipwrecks around Adelaide.  As more come to hand I will add them in.

Back to where I've come fromJupiter Creek 2aAnother Knot

Last year we had a  workshop where I discussed image sharpening in Adobe photoshop.  I have reproduced the main points from this presentation in this edition of Camera Clips.

Well I hope that you enjoy Camera clips.  Perhaps this one is a work in progress.  If you feel inspired, please add suggestions to the list I have already created.  Please send me images.  I invite you to read on.



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