June 2016 Newsletter

Lake Bonney Banner
ISAMU_Kevin-Rudd_Aust-Financial-Review-MagazineWelcome to June 2016 Camera clips.  This edition is published just before the federal election.  I won’t tell you who to vote for.  Take your time and chose wisely.  (Kevin Rudd will not be running)  I have however put together a collection of my favourite political portraits.  What do they tell us about our leaders?  Check out the article.

The banner this month comes from Frances.  This is lake Bonney from our recent trip to Barmera organised by Alberto Giurelli.  I personally had a great time away.  We took the canoes and had some fun exploring the waterways.  I have put together a summary of our time in the Riverland.  Alberto has also given his point of view in a short article.  There are photographs from Helen, myself and Frances.

Milky Way over BonneyIn the Riverland we spent one evening doing star photography.  It’s not hard.  You need a tripod and a slow shutter speed and a high ISO.  I have summarized the technique in an article on how to photograph the Milky Way.  We were joined in our endeavours by Warren who summed up the exercise, “Gee this is so much fun, I’m loving this.”

I have two further banners that came my way.  Jenny Pedlars study of the Gourmet Papas caravan and Adrian Hill’s machinery from a previous time.

Jenny's Pappas banner

Machinery Banner

Frances has been asking me how to blur the background in photoshop.  After explaining it numerous time I eventually wrote my instructions down.  You can see my instructions in a short article entitiled Faux Bokeh.

Thanks to all who contributed to the portrait workshop at the Hawthorndene Primary School.  Ray Goulter, Alberto Giurelli and Les Ludgate all provided lighting setups.  Alberto invited two fabulous models Hanna and (I forgot) and Theo and Ursula had invited one of their neighbors.  I would like to compile an album of some of these portraits as they come to hand.  I have put together a brief list of things that I have learned from doing portarit workshops over the years.

Steve - FunghiWe had a successful outing to the Botanical Gardens the day after the election.  The excursion was planned to take a “worms eye view”.  This is the title for our next competition.  I guess the title means a down to earth, looking up at the world point of view.  Nothing to do with politics.  I hope to post some images as they become available.

I have also collected a few images from the portrait night workshop.

Well that just about sums it up for this month.  I hope you enjoy this little smattering of photographic experiences.



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