September 2015

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Welcome to Camera Clips September 2015.  The banner this week is a colour Infrared Photograph by Jack Dascombe, the newest member of our club.


I had originally planned to publish this edition in June, but things got away from me.   I have been travelling in Britain for 6 weeks.  Perhaps I can tell you more about my travels at a later date.   I had prepared two articles before I left.  There was an excursion to Mt Lofty Botanical gardens and a summary from the workshop – using Gimp to create a grunge angel.

test D5100 034cI returned to my first meeting in August 2015 to hear 5 short presentations from different members of the club.  This was a great meeting with five very varied and different presentations.  I have been fortunate in receiving articles from two of the speakers.   Jen Williams has given me five pictures from her beach series.  I admire Jen’s quick uncanny eye for composition and texture.  Also Jack Dascombe has given me a few paragraphs on Infrared photography.  Jack is an articulate and expressive new member of our club.  His passion for photography is quite contagious.  I must admit that until I heard Jack speak I had not really appreciated the range of possibilities of  IR photography.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have not been the only traveler in our group.  Bruce Nankivell has just returned from walking the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain.  Bruce has produced a summary of his travels.  I sympathize with Bruce who walked 800km compared to my meager 300km. I am sure he had his fair share of blisters.

Lastly I watched a documentary on ABC TV about a street photographer, Vivian Maier. I was talking to our president Ashley Hoff and Chris Schultz who had both enjoyed it and so I watched it on i-view.  I have produced a brief article about this enigmatic woman and her wonderful photos.  Also you should compare her work to that of her contempories, Garry Winogrand and Robert Frank.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Camera Clips.  James


  1. Excursion to Mt Lofty Botanical gardens
  2. Using Gimp to create a grunge angel
  3. Beach series – Jen Williams
  4. Jack Dascombe – Infrared photography
  5. Camino de Santiago – Bruce Nankivell
  6. Vivian Maier
  7. Garry Winogrand – Ashley Hoff
  8. Robert Frank – The Americans

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