May 2017 Camera Clips

Black Aventador banner-1

Welcome to May Camera Clips.  The banner this month comes from a picture by Wayne Reece submitted in the Tryptic competition entitiled Black Aventor.  In case you don’t know this is a kind of Lamborghini, as in the picture on the right.  I must commend Wayne for his photography of cool cars and great street art. You can see more pictures from the tryptic competition in the picture galleries on the club web page.

During the last month we had a brief presentation on art photographers at one of our critique nights.  The quotes from this presentation can be found here.

Perhaps I have room for one quote

“It just struck me that one of the things about photography that made it such a compelling medium to deal with is that it is perhaps the most contradictory of mediums.”  Bill Hensen

Read more about Bill Hensen in an article on this famous Australian photographer.

Light Painting Banner

Last week we had a light painting workshop.  A group of six or so club members lead a variety of activities: painting buildings, tracing around portraits, illuminating still life, spinning torches and swinging light sabers.  It was a lot of fun.  I’m not sure how the pictures turned out.  I didn’t take any photos myself, but some of the screen shots I saw looked great.   This was a well attended event and hopefully a good introduction to the techniques.  I have included the instruction for the light painting workshop and also a gallery of images taken at the workshop.  May be useful if you want to give it a go for the light painting competition later this year.

We also had a workshop several weeks earlier.  Last edition I published Helen Whitfords presentation on “creating a tryptic”.  This month I have included a summary from the presentations by Chris Schultz on “star photography“, and “workflow in lightroom“.  It is our intention to provide written information to back up most of the activities we undertake in the club.  Kerry has also sent me her notes for “bird photography” and “sea-scapes” for the excursion to Raywood Nursery last weekend.

A lot of these resources are collected together in the Resource menu of camera clips.  I want to encourage you to use this page.  I am aware that there is a lot of material available on the internet, however these are our resources, written by our club members and hopefully reflect what we are doing in the club.  I encourage you to have a look through and select an article that interests you.  If you choose you can speak to the author at the next club meeting.

Zed Ward banner 2

This month I have another Adelaide location for you.  Z ward.  It is pronounced Zed not Zee.   It is listed with the national trust and it is the 19th century version of James Nash House.  It is a psychiatric ward for the criminally insane.  I had a chance to go there with Frances for a tour with the historical society.  I have put an article in this months Camera clips.  If you get the chance it is certainly worth a visit.

Mamiya Banner

Lastly Ray Has given me another review of an old film camera, the Mamiya model C220 rollfilm camera.  If you enjoy the challenge of shooting with these old cameras it is worth a read.