Weather Excursion St Kilda

Judy and Frances

The weather front was booked to come in at 1pm.  Kerry Malec had arrived at 12 and had a lovely lunch in good weather.  But by the time that Judy, Greg, Frances and I arrived, the temperature had dropped, the sky filled with clouds and a chill wind was blowing.  What a great start for the weather excursion.  Although blown around we did not get rained on.  So how did the day unfold?  There were birds, little birds, red capped plovers and stints, medium birds, oyster catchers (both types) and terns, and there were large birds, egrets, pelicans and royal spoonbills.  The coast guard were feeding their lunch to the seagulls.  We walked to the very end of the breakwater picking out patterns (in the sand, rocks and sea) and moody skies and fishermen.  There was plenty to photograph.  There were boat owners with a bonfire working on their damaged vessels.  The shacks were slowly rusting into the landscape.  Unfortunately the mangrove board walk was closed for maintenance.  The salt lakes however more than made up for this deficiency with colourful pink, grey and blue vistas overlooking the Adelaide Hills in the distance.  A vintage tram inched its way along it’s causeway between salt lakes.  When we were finally done in by the wind and cold we departed to have coffee at Westlands on the Salisbury highway.  That was when the heavens finally opened and the rain came down.  It was a great day.  Pity if you missed this one.   Have a look at the photo gallery below to see some of our photographic pickings.

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