October 2017 Camera Clips


Welcome to October 2017 Camera clips.  Firstly I must thank Mark Pedlar, the newly elected president,  for asking me to continue to produce Camera Clips on behalf of the Blackwood Camera Club.  Also my thanks for the round of applause from the members when this was announced.  I am grateful that the publication is valued by the club.

On that vein I have reviewed the articles published over the last 12 months in Camera Clips and have selected the top 10.  These are the ten most popular articles as recorded by the number of hits. (only 1 per author) These are our best reads.  What a range of topics, from camera tips to travel logs, to exhibition reviews and software reviews.   Have a look at the list and perhaps follow a link to go back and have a read.  We have had some great contributions from our various authors.

The AGM elected a new president (Mark Pedlar) and a new committee and saw the retirement of Chris Schultz who has been president for a total of 4 years off and on.  I extend my thanks to Chris for his great achievements and my support and best wishes to Mark.

Red Tailed Black Female Banner

Down to buisness.  Last week we had our penultimate competition for 2017, on the topic of wildlife.  The Banner of a Brazilian Jacare comes from this competition.  Well done Judy Sara for her great images of Brazilian wildlife.   I see on facebook that Judy is now in Sulawesi taking pictures of hornbills and red bellied Pitas.  I have a terrible problem with facebook envy.  The second banner of a red tailed black cockatoo was also from the wildlife competition.  This competition was quite specific in requiring participants to adhere to the international rules for wildlife competitions.  I have an article that stipulates what these rules entail.   Rules for Nature and Wildlife competition.  There is a summary of the competition , Wild about wildlife, by Helen Whitford on the club webpage, along with best images in both print and digital media.

In the last 12 months it has been a tradition to have a short tips section at the beginning of our critique nights, in the same manner as Arthur Farmer did when I first joined the club.  Last month I was asked to present a section on an inspirational photographer.  I have always been inspired by the Italian photographer Gjon Mili.  The critique night however was cancelled in favour of a second attempt at the Annual general meeting.  I have published the presentation in this edition of Camera Clips, entitled Futurism,  The article looks more broadly at the concepts of photodynamism and in fact the whole Italian Futurist movement.  There is also a style sheet that was written on this topic several years ago.

Greater Egret Banner 1a

We had a club excursion to Goolwa caravan park over the long weekend.  Images and a write up for the weekend are presented here.

Eastern Banner

The week prior to the camp out we had a trip to Belair National park in order to take pictures for the wildlife competition.  Although this excursion, led by graham Field and Jen Williams was well attended, unfortunately it was rained out.  This however didn’t stop it being an enjoyable occasion and it also produced some commendable images.

Lastly I have a book review on the World Atlas of Street Photography.  Well worth a read.