St Kilda Excursion

Mangrove TrailThought I’d better touch base on our up coming photo club excursion.

Date is the Sunday 20th August  – not the Saturday 19th as advertised

My thoughts are that we will arrive at 1.00pm and meet at the marina car park.  We will meet at the Tackle and Tucker store.  This is where we get the key for the mangrove walk and do the walking trail.  We can view the salt pans on the way there and back.

At 2.30 we will make our way to the tram museum (open 12 – 5 on Sundays).  There are free tram rides (once you have paid $10 to enter).

After taking pictures of trams etc we will walk along St Kilda beach and look at the  fishing shacks etc and perhaps the playground.  We may finish with coffee at St K Beach hotel and depart by 5.00pm

What do you think?

Hi James

The timings look good. It is high tide at 4:25 so we may be able to photograph some of the waders close to the shore later on in the afternoon.

St Kilda is the southern gateway to Winaityinaityi Pangkara, the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park that protects the feeding grounds of the birds that migrate as far away as Alaska and Siberia.

I have attached some images taken earlier in the year and a screen dump of the google map for the area.


St kilda map

Photographs of St Kilda by Judy Sara and James Allan

In addition Judy and I have put together a small guide on weather photography for participants.

Do you want to see how the excursion turned out? Have a look at the write up here.