Dawn at Port Adelaide – Excursion



Bollards by Bruce Nankivell

Ron Hassan was going to lead this excursion, but unfortunately was unwell and so Graham Field stepped in.  I don’t know what time they started, but at 6.45 when I arrived there were already over a dozen club member ranged up and down the quayside, with Tripods and Cameras taking the morning light.

The reflections were sharp and clear as the water was still and only mildly ruffled by a gentle breeze.

It was Jenny Pedlar who first alerted me to the presence of Jelly fish in the water.  Eerie but quite attractive as their delicate membranes contract in slow rhythms.  There were also feral pigeons, seagulls, pelicans, corellas and dolphins in and around the warf.

As the day got started a variety of watercraft made themselves apparent.  Motor boats, row boats, kayaks.


Rowboat by Bruce Nankivell

Apart from the tall ships moored along the waterfront, the One and all, the Failie and the City of Adelaide, there is also a wealth of architecture to photograph.  The red lighthouse being a striking and notable icon.  It was time for employing the Chris Schultz crazy angle and the polarizing filter, which many members did to good effect.

The Bollards picture at the top of this page was a “mistake” by Bruce that I happened to like.  Sometimes an abstract captures more of the feel than the straight pictures.

Now I apologise if I forget anyone.  There was Jen and Mark Williams, Jen and Mark Pedlar, Graham Field, Robyn and Ken Due, Sam Savage, ?Di Gage, Judy Sara,  David Brown, David Atkinson, Jo Tabe, Frances and myself.  We sat and enjoyed pancakes and coffee on the quayside before heading home mid morning.  A very enjoyable start to the day.

James Allan

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