2019 Camera Clips Quiz

from the January edition

Question 1. Linear Perspectiveperspective

Linear perspective was described by the Italian artist Filippo Brunelleschi.

a) In which era of art was he a painter?

b) In which city did he trace the outlines of buildings onto a mirror?

c) In roughly what year did this take place?


Question 2. The Afghan Girl

The “Afghan girl” is considered by some to be the most icon photograph of the 20th Century.

a) what was the eye colour of the Afghan Girl?

b) In which country was the photograph taken?

c) Who was the photographer?

d) In which year was the photograph taken?

from the March edition


Question 3. Bernd and Hiller Becher


In the 1950’s and 1960’s Bernd and Hiller Becker were influential Photographers.

a) What was their nationality?

b) In which branch of photography did they do most of their work?

c) What was the unique innovation for which they were famous.

Question 4. Infra red photography – invisible spectrum


Infrared vision – or heat sensing is used in night vision goggles.  The wavelength of infrared is found in which range?

a) Below 380nm

b) above 740nm

c) Betweem 380 and 740nm


Question 5. Diesel and Dust House


There is a ruin that is frequently photographed that is known as the “Diesel and Dust House”

a) The house is close to which Australian town?

b) Who was the photographer?

c) The picture was used as the front cover of a rock album of the same name.  In what year was the album released?

from the August edition

Question 6. Accidental Renaissance

Accidental Renaissance is a reasonably contemporary concept with an old sounding name.

a) Accidental Renaissance is from which branch of photography?

b) Can you describe the characteristics of an Accidental Renaissance image?

from the May edition

Question 7. Cindy Shermann


Cindy Shermann was a very influential American photographer.

a) In what branch of photography did Cindy practice?

b) What was the innovation that defined her style of photography?

c) Can you give us a definition of Concept Photography?


1. Linear Perspective (article)

a) Art Movement –Italian Renaisance

b) City – Florence

c) Year – 1413

2. The Afghan Girl (article)

a) Eye Colour – Green

b) Country – Pakistan – refugee camp

c) Photographer – Steve McCurry

d) Year – 1984

3. Bernd and Hiller Becher (article)

a) Nationality – German

b) Branch of photography – Architecture

c) Innovation – typologies – systematic photography – Tilt shift – presentation as a group

4. Infra red photography – invisible spectrum (article)

correct answer – b) above 740nm

5. Diesel and Dust House (article)

a) Near to which town – Burra SA

b) Photographer – Ken Duncan

c) Year of release of Album -1987

6. Accidental Renaissance (article)

a) Branch of photography – street Photography

b) Characteristics –- composition – resembles renaissance painting

7. Cindy Shermann  (article)

a) Branch of Photography – Concept Photography –Self portrait

b) Innovation – Movie stills

c) Definition of Concept Photography – Concept more important than the subject