The Beautiful World at Night – Alex Cherney – review by Grant Coles

Picture16I attended a presentation at a meeting of the Astronomical Society of South Australia (ASSA) at the beginning of March where the guest presenter was Alex Cherney.  Alex’s presentation was entitled “The Beautiful World at Night”.  In his presentation Alex showcased some of his photos and videos of landscapes taken at night utilising the light provided by the stars, moon and in some instances using light pollution to great effect.  An excerpt taken from the introduction for his presentation to ASSA follows:

Alex finds the time-lapse imaging of night sky particularly appealing because it shows the motion of celestial bodies in relation to the landscape and helps connect viewers with the night sky.  Alex travels throughout Australia to photograph the most beautiful landscapes under the stars of the Milky Way and loves to connect ocean, land and sky in his work.  His images and work have been published on NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day, in well-known astronomy magazines and books and won prestigious Australian and international awards, including the STARMUS astrophotography competition, numerous David Malin astrophotography awards, International Earth and Sky Photo Contest by TWAN (The World at Night), and the South Pacific Star Party Astro-Imaging competition.

Alex’s presentation showed what can be achieved with nothing much more than an entry level DSLR, a kit lens, a sturdy tripod, a remote trigger and simple processing.  He gave suggestions for initial camera settings, exposure times and for the making of a timelapse animation of an evening’s observations/photography.

Alex’s latest images, videos and blog are online at: