A Good Read – The best of Camera Clips 2017

I was asking myself, “What are the most popular articles in Camera Clips?”  What articles have had the most hits?

You can regard this list as a bit of an awards ceremony for Camera Clips.  I have selected only the articles and excluded all the editorials.  I have taken just one calendar year.  That is only the articles that have been written since September 2016 (one in August).  The articles are ranked according to the number of hits they have received in the same 12 month period.  Furthermore I have selected only one article per author.  I have also included articles that have appeared on the BPC webpage. (Mark Pedlar and Chris Schultz’s articles)

So here are the top ten articles in reverse order,

10  Mamiya model C220 rollfilm camera – Ray Goulter

Ray has provided a lot of useful information into the build and use of old film cameras. As always a fascinating read.

9  Demystifying the numb3rs in photography – by Mark Pedlar

Based on an article from Time Life magazine, Mark takes us back to the basics.  What do those numbers mean?

8  Rock and Roll Rendezvous – Birdwood Motor Museum – Ashley Hoff

Not a lot of people attended this excursion, because of the rain, but make sure that you don’t miss Ashley’s great tips on classic car photography.

7. 15: 8-May-2017 – Chris Scultz

Written on the BP web page as “el presidente’s musings” and circulated to members as an e-mail.  This post may have had a much wider audience as we do not know how many read the article from the e-mail.  In this edition Chris writes about a range of photographers that made an impression on him after a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria.

6  Model Shoot with Holi Powder – Alberto Giurelli

Alberto at his best experimenting with Holi powder to create stunning images in his carport.  He was assisted by several members from the club.

5  Adelaide Central Market Excursion – Bruce Nankervill

A well researched article from the internet, Bruce gives some sage tips to offer on photographing market places.

4  How to make a Triptych in GIMP – Helen Whitford

Helen wrote this article prior to the tryptic competition.  Based on a lot of pragmatic experience, Helen gives a simple approach to creating an effective Tryptic.

3  DigiCamControl – Eric Budworth

Eric has to be the supreme innovator in our club.  Eric gave me this article after discovering this freeware program for controlling your camera from your PC.

2  Birdwatching in East Africa – James Allan

A travel log of a journey into darkest Africa to take Bird photographs.  A good read.

1  Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens Excursion – Tips by Tariq Mohammad Abdul

Well done Tariq.  A well illustrated article that goes beyond the brief to prepare participants for the excursion.  Tariq gives tips on composition and camera craft to create powerful SOOC images.

An extra article is worth a mention.

Robert Frank – The Americans

This article was written as a footnote to an article about Vivian Maier in September 2015.  Since then it has had over 800 hits and is Camera Clips most visited article for 2016 and 2017.  It has been reviewed a number of times in order to correct minor  errors.  It has appeared on the reading list of some overseas photography courses. (America)