Camera Clips from the President’s Point of View

Presidential BannerThis brief note is inexcusably overdue but I believe no less important to write.

Camera Clips began its life over a decade ago now at the instigation of Debbie Smith, then club Secretary. At the time there was no club newsletter, no publication of club events, no source of tips and technical information for members. At that stage it was a 2-3 page Word document either posted to members in the mail or emailed.

The publication has evolved dramatically since then. James has been the editor of the publication for 5 or 6 years now.   I hope he’ll forgive me if I’ve underestimated the length of his tenure. (editor – since June 2009) However, I certainly don’t believe we should underestimate either the effort he has continually put in or the success of the changes he has wrought. That is why I am convinced Camera Clips is the ideal means by which we should provide members with news of coming events and competition results as well as technical tips, instructional material and data on advances in the art of photography.

Our members exchange a vast amount of data among themselves through such forums as Facebook and over the last couple of years Chris Schultz in particular has also kept members aware of interesting exhibitions and stunning images he’s seen as well as other topics. I’m sure these lines of communication will remain open and in fact grow in usage.

However, I am thrilled that James has agreed to continue to edit Camera Clips. He does the job supremely well. I certainly see this publication continuing as the club’s official data and news sharing medium and encourage you all to contribute.

James needs fuel. He needs your tips on the art form. Maybe you didn’t discover them but any tips gleaned from wherever can be of use to the rest of us. If you’ve been on a trip somewhere interesting here or overseas, attended an event, in fact collected interesting photos anywhere, consider sharing them with the rest of us by writing James a short article. Camera Clips is a wonderful magazine but it is a voracious feeder and James can do with all the material you can offer.