December 2015 – Annual Exhibition

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelcome to December Edition of Camera Clips.  We have just had the 2015 Annual Exhibition.  The Banner this month comes from Bruce Nankivell who won first place in the projected image competiton for his “Reflections of Alcazar”.  Want to know more?  Bruce has given an explanation of his image in an article on the top images from this years Annual exhibition.

B&W TreeI have written an article  about my “Coast to Coast walk” in England.  I must admit I was inspired by Bruces travel log earlier this year, about the Camino de Santiago in Spain.  Shortly after Bruces trip I walked across England with my wife Frances.   The coast to coast walk is a well known walking trail.   This article is illustrated entirely by monochrome images.   I was feeling quite good about the monochrome images from my trip. Unfortunately they did not perform so well in the judging at the annual exhibition this year.  Well have a look and see what you think.

I have written a “how to do it” article on monochrome conversion.  I used these techniques when I prepared my black and white images for the Coast to coast Album.   I enjoyed making the images and hope that the tips may be helpful.

930231-111021-frank-hurleyIn Camera clips I have often taken the opportunity to explore work from famous photographers.  This month I have been encouraged to look at two Australian pioneers in photography.  Both worked with glass plate large format cameras.  I was listening to Radio National and discovered the amazing story of Frank Hurley.  Many of you may have heard of this iconic Australian photographer, but to me it was a new discovery.  Secondly Denis Parslow a good friend of mine has published a face book page on the aerial photography of Darian Smith.  Have a look at these two photographers.  Well worth the look.

Pin Cushion 1Julie and Ray ran the third BPC quiz night as our end of year function.  This was a fun night.  I have included the Macro Quiz from the night for anyone who would like to try their luck at identifying things from the smallest scrap of detail.  Have fun.


Lastly don’t forget the 31 day challenge.  It has started already.  We have a number of regular contributors.  It is not too late to come on board and help us document the crazy month of December,  Check out the club Flickr page.

Enjoy this edition of Camera Clips.



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