15 most important image manipulation tricks for Photographers; James Allan

How are your image manipulation skills?  Do you have a good repertoire of post-production techniques?  I will be running articles on the following techniques in Camera clips—depending upon what you want.  Contact me and let me know what you are interested in.  Also which image software you like to use? (Also if you want to write an article for me)

  1. Cropping and resizing
  2. Correct Perspective / skew and warp
  3. Correct a colour cast
  4. Improve saturation
  5. Exposure correction / contrast enhancement (in Levels or Curves)
  6. Sharpening or edge Clarification
  7. Blurring—Gaussian blur
  8. Clone tool / patch tool – remove unwanted features / fill gaps
  9. Stitching to create panoramas / Merge two photos to make a collage
  10. Layers / Selection tools to selectively apply effects
  11. Noise reduction
  12. Dodging and burning
  13. Borders / vignetting
  14. High Dynamic Range—compression algorithms like tone mapping
  15. Monochrome conversion