April 2016

Banner - Anzac Day

Hi, I have been a little slow getting the April edition of Camera Clips to the press.  Finally I have sat down and put it together.  Our Banner this month comes from Steve Wallace who has captured an assembled rank of personnel preparing for the Anzac day march.  It looks to me like air force cadets or new recruits.  This club outing was not a well attended, but still productive of some top images.  Check out the article on the  Anzac day march.

High Keying it - close upThis edition has a High Key theme.   Alberto Giurelli and I did a “High Key” workshop earlier this month.  Although not an area that I would have chosen, I have learned a lot from doing this exercise.  I have produced several articles to try and capture the different stages of our thinking as we approached this topic. Starting out, working out what a “high key” image actually was and finally a studio set up to do high key portraiture.

Amazon 1About a year ago I showed an image of an Amazon Parrot that I had corrected in photoshop.  I have been meaning to give details of the technique for some time.  I finally put pen to paper to explain the process of creating separation layers.  This will allow you to edit colour without losing detail.  A useful strategy for editing images, but requires high end Photoshop skills.

At another Peer Review Session, we had a discussion about Street Photography and Henri Cartier-Bresson.  His seminal work “the decisive moment” collects together photographs that he had taken over 4 decades.  I have added a small article about this famous photographer and this iconic photography book.

I was fortunate to recieve a small photo essay from Bruce Nankervill about a historic garden in Stirling.


We hate 2 late entries to this edition.  We had an excursion to Rundle Street east and Judy Sara has given me information on her Oil droplet Photography.  To date these two topics have created a lot of interest.

I hope that you enjoy this edition of Camera Clips.

Regards James



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