31 Day Challenge

December 2014 –

These are the highlights that I have selected from the 2014, 31 Day Challenge.  What is the 31 Day challenge?   For 31 days (the whole of December) the objective is to take a photograph a day and post it on the club Flickr page.  The day that the photo is taken can be verified from the Exif data of the image.   It is more important to take the photograph daily than to post the photograph daily.  If you are away for a few days you can post three or four days in the one sitting.

Not everyone will achieve this – but does it matter.   I don’t think so.  Just attempting the challenge puts you into a different mind set.  One day – one photograph.  Can you make use of the opportunities that avail themselves each day?  What is your state of preparedness.  The photographs are not taken on special outings or excursions.  They reflect what you are doing on that day.  Going to work, a party, a concert, relaxing at home.  This is in the busiest time of year – as my wife calls it the silly season.   Can you see ordinary things as having photographic qualities.  If you can, you can turn the mundane into the profound.

I am interested how different participants borrow ideas from each other and develop dialogues of similar images or similar ideas.    I have really enjoyed doing this exercise.  If it is December – feel free to join in.  If not – perhaps you can join us next year.  It might change the way you see the world.

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