BPC Art Deco Logo 1b

The logo of our club depicts a camera lens and a couple of branches of blackwood, an Australian  wattle tree.  This has been a successful and recognizable symbol for over 50 years.

I have been experimenting with variations on this theme.  The glass camera lens may also resemble the sawn end of a blackwood log.  I feel that there is nothing wrong with contemporizing a successful trademark.  We see this happening all the time in the buisness sector.  However feel free to give me your feedback.  It may not be to everyone’s taste.   Let me know.

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1 Response to Branding

  1. Ray Goulter says:


    Not entirely to my taste, and I feel the normal logo is quite OK.

    I can understand the feeling that our normal logo may be “dated”, but I also feel many companies “modernise” their logos simply for the change and not for any strident need to do so.

    I’m probably a good applicant for the Luddite Society!

    Still – it could make an interesting topic to discuss at the club!





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