Natural Light Portraiture excursion

Portrait banner

Ron, Graham and Les have announced that the excursion for the 25th of February 2018 will be natural light portraiture and will be held at Port Willunga. (Not Witunga)

Meet at the Port Willunga beach car park (nearest to the ‘sticks’) at 5pm.  Graham tells us that we will act as our own models for this excursion, or you can bring along a friend or family member.  You can contact “the boys” to let them know you are coming.  The contact numbers are on Marks previous e-mail.

Now I had previously asked Les for an article on portraiture.  You will notice that Les has become the ‘go to person’ when we run a portraiture workshop.

“Les” I asked, ” can you distill some of your wisdom for Camera clips”.

Les has done just that, and although not strictly on natural light portraiture, it covers a lot of basic tips that apply to both the studio and in the field.  Les has nominated this article as pre-reading for the natural light excursion.  So have a read, grab your camera and hope to see you at Willunga.

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