The Port Noarlunga Expedition

Lightning Banner 1b

We now have images for the Port Noarlunga Expedition, as organised by Jen and Di.    Perhaps this excursion will be renamed, the fury of Nature, or the hand of God excursion.  There was a very dramatic change in the weather as the sun set.  Worth having a look at the different perspectives, as club members found themselves in various locations around the old Port.  Go to the article – click here.

Also Chris has given me an article about the black and White 7 day challenge on facebook.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions.

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3 Responses to The Port Noarlunga Expedition

  1. KnowledgeHunter says:

    If I comment, will I get future posts? I hope so.


    • James Allan says:

      Feel free to comment. I am happy to make corrections / receive feedback.


      • KnowledgeHunter says:

        Sorry James. Judy mentioned this page, but I didn’t know how to get onto the mailing list or email feed. So I thought I could just comment and get included. Then I noticed that my comment is in my own WordPress blog name. I didn’t mean to be cryptic.


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