Light Painting Workshop

Light Painting Banner

On Thursday the 25th May Blackwood Photoclub  will be holding a light Painting workshop.  This is going to be a hands on workshop, so we would like you to bring your camera and experiment to see if you can accomplish the set exercises.  I have provided some written notes explaining what we are trying to achieve.  You can access the notes in Camera Clips….. here

I have asked several of our members to assist with these exercises.  None of these photographers have extensive light painting experience.  However the exercises are not difficult and it should be a great time to learn the basics.

What to bring:

  • Your camera of course.
  • A tripod and a remote shutter release or cable.
  • A torch.  Whether a pencil light, a flash light or an LED doesn’t matter.
  • Wear dark clothing.
  • Any light painting equipment if you have it.  A light sabre, a cable for spinning a torch, a light modifier etc.

This workshop is designed as an introduction to the basics of light painting for beginners and is not expounding advanced techniques.  Hope to see you there.  James

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